MP3: Common featuring Ab-Soul – Made In Black America

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Made In Black America

Common is back with some more new music, this time featuring Ab-Soul on a track titled Made In Black America. A few weeks back we received the first sounds of his conceptual album Nobody’s Smiling, a project based around the violence of Chicago’s youth. Common hopes his new music will serve as a call to action for the city, so far War and now Made In Black America have had potential to do just that. Question is: will Southside’s youngens even bother to pause Chief Keef and other artists of the drill music scene to pay attention? Regardless, we can all appreciate the bars brought by Common and Ab-Soul in this track:

“I flow like a reservoir, dog/Rap Tarantino, off the chain like Django/Still let the chain glow, where they bang known/And niggas get shot like camera angles”-Common

“My president is black/I wonder if Pac thought we was ready for that, or did we move too fast?/I don’t give a fuck, shit my grandpa glad/They pass that gun law or not, niggas still gon’ pop up dead/Yeah, I’m the Morpheus in this hip-hop matrix, exposin’ fake shit/Used to borrow dollars, now my sense ain’t so common”-Ab-Soul

Love the Tarantino wordplay. Hit play below for some creative social commentary.

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