MP3: Dark for Dark – Sweetwater

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What is it that makes people enjoy music?

Surely there is a right answer to this question somewhere, right? There must be some central, unifying idea that makes a song — regardless of genre, tone or subject matter — vibrate the eardrums in the right way.

Music is, after all, received as just a bunch of vibrations in our ears, which then become signals to our brain. As a current nerd and future doctor, this is my kind of science.

But enjoying music isn’t such a simple science. There may be a formula to making great music, but it certainly isn’t definite — it’s varies for every song and listener.

What makes Dark for Dark’s Sweetwater so great (and what ultimately caught my attention) is the human element of this formula. The endearing sincerity of SweetwaterRebecca Zolkower’s delicate voice, gliding over smoothly strummed folk guitar and a down-played beat — creates a melodious beauty unlike any other. The vocal harmonies throughout the tune are perfect. All-in-all, Sweetwater is an incredible, unassuming song.

Dark for Dark is a new band out of Halifax, Nova Scotia. The trio of Zolkower, Jess Lewis, and Mel Stone have recently released their first album: Warboats, which features Sweetwater. The album follows Dark for Dark’s emotional, honest, folk style. Songs on the album feature a variety of instruments such as the banjo, mandolin, lap steel guitar, french horn, and baby grand piano — offering a wide range of sounds to please your eardrums.

Check out Sweetwater by Dark for Dark for an emotionally enriching experience deep into the depths of the heart and soul. I’m not sure exactly what it takes to make great music, but Dark for Dark has it, and they let us all know in Sweetwater. Stream Sweetwater, complete with an absolutely FREE DOWNLOAD and Get Your Earz Wet!

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