Stream: Eminem featuring Sia – Guts Over Fear

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Guts Over Fear

Two white men have stepped back into the hip-hop game today after small hiatuses. One is an unemployed graduate sitting on his air mattress in the middle of his two bedroom apartment that’s as furnished as Rust Kohle’s home in “True Detective”-and the other is Eminem. Yes, you guys, I stepped away from the blogosphere for a few months, but quit worrying, I’m back and stronger than ever. Put your sharpies and calendars away, there’s no need to keep marking the days until my return. I’m coming home.

Oh, right, Eminem. So more importantly Shady blessed us with his first track since the release of MMLP2. Guts Over Fear features Sia, marking the second collaboration between these artists (Beautiful Pain), and the second go is just as amazing as the first. The Rap God lays down some emotional lines filled with sentiment teetering on the line of regretful melancholy, while visiting topics of his future and retirement. At the age of 41, it was only a matter of time when Eminem would start to seriously hint at life after rap:

“And it just breaks my heart to look at all the pain I’ve caused/But what am I gonna do when the rage is gone?/And the lights go out in that trailer park?”

Guts Over Fear is a beautifully emotional look at one of the greatest rappers rough past, his triumph over troubles and everything he’s felt in between. Take a listen to the first single off Eminem’s upcoming ninth studio album, Shady XV, to be released November.

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