MP3: Empire Of The Sun – Alive

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Empire of the Sun - Alive

Empire of the Sun have really picked up their game since their release in 2008 of, Walking On A Dream…Not that they dropped the ball…I’m just saying, I think they’ve gotten better and better since. This track, Alive is off of their new album set to drop this June, called Ice On The Dune. You can pre-order the album if you’re feeling crazy. The Australian duo is made up of Luke Steele & Nick Littlemore, and after meeting in a bar, this is a couple that has stood the test of time.

On 11 March 2013 Empire of the Sun revealed the debut trailer for upcoming album Ice on the Dune. The trailer was produced by Kelvin Optical, Inc., a production division of Bad Robot, and was directed by J.D. Dillard. The album was revealed with a release date of June 2013. The newly launched website for the album features placeholder links for upcoming content provided with dates for 15 March, 22 March, 29 March, and 8 April. The lead single, “Alive”, has been released on the 16th of April, today. Also, today the album was made available to pre-order on iTunes. I bet you won’t.

Alive will make you get up off of your butt and dance. I can’t guarantee your safety, or whether or not you’ll lose a litte bit of weight from all of the dancing. It’s a possibility, I’m warning you now. Alive makes you feel just that, Not Dead…so buck up Download this sucker, and feel Alive with everyone else. “Loving every minute because you make me feel so Alive…Alive….Alive….Alive”…If that lyric right there doesn’t get you, you don’t have a soul…there I said it. Get Your Ears Wet to this new single by the famous Empire Of The Sun. Loving every minute becuase you Get My Ears So Wet! ALIVE!

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