MP3: Frenship- Morrison

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In this new age of music where every one from your little brother to your grandmother can make a high-quality song, finding nuanced, skillfully crafted music can be extremely difficult. Because of this increase in accessibility to quality production tools, a lot of people are making music that arguably shouldn’t be. BUT, this increase in technology also leads to an increase in absolutely brilliant music.

Enter Frenship, the duo based out of LA, who are gradually emerging from the endless crowds of eager artists. Their latest original song, Morrison, was named after one of the members hometown, Morrison, CO, the home of the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheater. Morrison also just so happens to be 20 minutes away from my hometown. With the combination of their infectious vocals and their Indie Electro-Pop sounds, it’s safe to say Frenship is here to stay.

Frankly I can’t wait to hear more from these dudes and their mystique only adds to their allure. Download Morrison fo’ freeeee below and follow the dudes on FaceBook and Twitter.

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