MP3: Jakubi – Can’t Afford It All

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Jakubi - Can't Afford It All

Happy Sunday you sons O’ bitches! Who’s ready for a funky little ballad with banging instrumentals, catchy chorus lines, and hip hoppity verses. This tracks called Can’t Afford It All… and if I had a dollar every time that phrase came out of my mouth, I WOULD BE able to afford it all. Can’t Afford It All is by the band Jakubi. The opening guitar riff, joined by Daft Punk like vocals, oh and then the drums come in making you uncontrollably bob your head. I bet your ready this going, “Man, I just did that after Chance said I would”. Ya I’m also psychic.

The track even includes a FREE DOWNLOAD… how bout that shit? Pretty cool, I know. These fellas only have a few thousand Likes on Facebook, and I’ll make it my mission to get them more. Apparently these guys are the “cat pajamas” in Australia. They’re from Melbourne. There is a butt load of new music, styles, bands, goodness, sounds coming from down under right now. Merica, better step it up next go round. Get this FREE DOWNLOAD & give Jakubi a like on the book of faces. Getting Your Ears Wet is a must.

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