MP3: Kid Cudi ft. Kendrick Lamar – Solo Dolo Part 2

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Solo Dolo Part 2

MORE FROM INDICUD YOU SAY?? CERTAINLY!!! Not only is the track below these paragraphs another leak from Kid Cudi‘s upcoming album, but it’s also a sequel to one of the more acclaimed songs from the tracklist of his best CD, Man on the Moon: End of Day. Did you not shit your britches when you saw the title that contained Kendrick Lamar’s name aside Cudder’s “in addition to as well as (Bobby Bottleservice voice)” the name Solo Dolo Part 2? If so, we have something in common today: shitting ourselves in chairs while eargazming to Cudi and K-Dot‘s new spooky, ambient collaboration.

ALRIGHT I’m gonna say it-Cudi‘s move away from G.O.O.D. Music is beneficial for him. He had previously expressed frustration that his single Just What I Am, released last fall, hadn’t gotten him the recognition deserved and other label issues. Whether that was a problem directly within the G.O.O.D. department or another branch of it-I do not know. I’m not going to make assumptions that was the case but I can certainly see that as a possibility.

However, Mr. Mescudi stated that there was certainly no beef with G.O.O.D. or its CEO Kanye. In fact, Cudi told Mr. West himself that he would be leaving the team. It’s a great career move, the timing seems perfect. He’s been getting back to his own style and producing his work firsthand, like this gem, and he sounds fantastic. Cudi said he wants to focus more on working with his label, Wicked Awesome, and long-time collaborator/buddy/Fellow Celevand native Chip Tha Rip, who’s only gotten better since The Cleveland Show.

Again, Cudder wanted to make it clear that there WAS no beef involved with his departure. However, as evident through Big Sean‘s new single Switch Up, there’s obviously some tension. Was there drama behind the curtain? Or is Big Sean unreasonably attacking his former teammate? No idea for now, but maybe soon enough. I hate to gossip like a teenager girl about this whole deal, but G.O.O.D. Music is my favorite group of artists in the game and I would hate for Cudi to not be apart of any of their work for the rest of eternity. Damn, can’t Scott do his own thing for a little bit?!

Forget about the drama tho-this is about Cudi and the fact that Indicud has already sounded nuts. Cudder Nation has a raging boner right now and there’s no way to diffuse it. Enjoy yo mathafuckin selves. Get Your Earz Wet!

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