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Happy Monday! Hope this makes things better… if your Monday was anything like mine, you’re going to need this. This track, Murakami bangs to the beat of a different drum… this type of “sound” has been coming around lately… the tribal sounding type jams I mean. MADE IN HEIGHTS is the group responsible for this masterpiece. I’ve fall’n in lub with Murakami, and MADE IN HEIGHTS.

Here is a little back story from the band themselves: “The Heights started as a series of hang outs in New York where we would walk a lot, and talk a lot, and eat at bodegas. We explored the wilderness of our ideas, the steep and elegant climbs of our imagination, the desires we had trapped inside of us, and the murky mistakes that seem imperative to the process of becoming true….We’re based in Los Angeles now. We’re not finished.” Possibly my favorite new band… I knows it’s fast to say, but Murakami will have you questioning your musical allegiances. Oh, and they’ve included a FREE DOWNLOAD! get the F out. MADE IN HEIGHTS another track called Pirouette… also bomb. Check it Out.

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