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Save, bookmark, or write down the URL to this article — whatever you can do to remember it, because in a few years you’ll want to know where your ears were first christened with the smooth sounds of New Ethics.

An up-and-coming new rap and production duo from SoCal, New Ethics has some incredible potential. James “Jamsus” Ollard (an old friend of mine from waaay back in the day) produces powerful beats featuring a variety of classical instruments (piano, horns, etc.) with rich bass and a kickin’ snare. Tony “KANGA” Brown then goes in over them with a signature chilled out flow and mean lyrical uppercut.

KANGA’s laid back, dope, lyrical approach over Jamsus’s dreamlike beat in Trouble reminds me a lot of A Tribe Called Quest. Maybe a bit of a stretch to be comparing this upstart group to that of legend, but similarities are there.

Trouble is actually a part of KANGA’s independent mixtape Table Manners, which features a slew of producers, including Jamsus. The OJ County duo’s new album release date has yet to be dropped, but rumors via the group’s Facebook page are that it will be coming soon…

If you like what you hear from New Ethics’s Jamsus and KANGA, you can snag the FREE DOWNLOAD of Table Manners, or download some of Jamsus’s instrumentals for very reasonable prices. If you go in on one of his tracks, maybe you too will some day end up being covered by The Eargazm. Who knows?

Also worth checking out is KANGA’s entry into “Don’t Fu[n]k Up Our Beats 5” hosted by Funk Volume, record label of popular MC Hopsin. Unfortunately, KANGA didn’t win, and that’s a damn shame. Oh well better luck next time, dude — your effort didn’t go unnoticed. Stay comfortable and Get Your Earz Wet!

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