MP3: OnCue- Angry Young Man (Album)

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After 2 and a half years of hard work and dedication, OnCue finally released his highly anticipated album, Angry Young Man. Although it dropped 2 days ago, I am writing about it now because I first wanted to take the time to fully experience the project as a whole. After listening to it 24/7 for the last 2 days, I can definitively say, this shit is everything I thought it could be and more.

As I’ve mentioned before, Just Blaze executive produced the project, while other greats such as Hudson Mohawke and CJ Luzi contributed to the album, to ultimately create a sound that’s unlike any other Hip-Hop artist’s.

Angry Young Man truly was written by an angry young man who won’t stop at anything to fulfill his dreams and help his friends and family in the process. Even after revealing just how much he has been through, the New York rapper expresses time and time again that he refuses to quit. Proclaiming, “You ain’t gotta sell your crib, mama”, on No Way, the song that perfectly encapsulates OnCue’s psyche.

Above all, what sets this project apart is OnCue’s energy on each and every track that flows directly from the speakers and strait into your inner-core. Forcing listeners on his personal roller-coaster of emotion: from anger, to determination, to genuine sadness.

I could literally write pages and pages about this album, analyzing each song, because this album truly is that good. Instead, I’ll stop fan-boying and let you guys take what you want from it. Enjoy the Eargazm!

Notable Tracks: A Rolling Stone | Stories To Tell | Don’t Forget Your Coat

Free Download: OnCue– Angry Young Man

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