MP3: Pharrell – Happy (Robots With Rayguns Remix)

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Happy - Robots with Rayguns

Because I’m Happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Well, the original version of this track had the opportunity to win an Oscar, but when push came to shove, Let It Go, from Frozen, took home the gold. Happy by Pharrell Williams was on of 2013’s biggest songs, and it’s unfortunate Pharrell didn’t take home the Oscar. This is the Robots With Rayguns remix…

Robots With Rayguns was born in 2008, when Lucas Patrick Smith (Gravemachine) combined his love for Synthpop, New Wave, and modern Electro, and turned it into an outlet for producing catchy, hook-driven pop tracks. After the commercial release of Gravemachine’s ‘Prosper Park’, Lucas took a hiatus from the dark, industrial soundscape to focus on his other musical passion – dancefloor-worthy electropop inspired by the analougue synthpop he grew up listening to.

Lucas has done an exceptional job with this remix if Pharrell’s track Happy, and I’m certainly “Happy” that he made his way back into the music scene. He’s also done all you a solid and included a FREE DOWNLOAD, so get some!

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