MP3: Skizzy Mars – Sideways

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As we continue to see the integration of genres, Skizzy Mars is an artist who constantly challenges the boundaries of music. The description under the “about” section of his Facebook page exemplifies this: “Changing what you thought was music every fucking day”. It’s that simple-Skizzy is an innovator. The Manhattan-based rapper (New York, not Kansas…sorry Wildcats) released his mixtape, Phases, last week and has received positive feedback on the diverse collection of tracks. One of the songs that has seen a lot of hype is Sideways, which has a combination of electronic and hip-hop styles within the instrumental.

The track is a banger, containing an electronic rhythm that builds with synths and other electronics until the chorus drops. It’s definitely that type of beat I wouldn’t mind experimenting with drugs to while half naked surrounded by eargazmaniacs alike, perhaps while simultaneously being sprayed with paint in a “Life In Color” fashion. You know, if you’re into that type of activity. Which I imagine many of you are. Which is absolutely NOT a problem. You gotta party with your pants off at some point. Skizzy’s lyrics are straight to the point and echo throughout the song-we built it from the ground up. With the new wave of artists springing into the spotlight of the game, Mr. Mars lays down his own message of hustle with a flow that moves effortlessly between the synths.

As for the Skizz Master Skizz himself, he categorizes himself within the “Alternative Rap” genre and lists artists who influence him as Kanye West, Beirut, The Killers, and Frank Ocean. His personal website ( is a clutter of images ranging from sexy women and associates, to the rapper enjoying a blunt, and of course the link to download Phases. This is a creative young man to watch out for, you guys. I really dig his artistic style and bravery to go for whatever he pleases. He’s one of the young guns that’s on the forefront of creating sounds unheard of through meshing genres and I wouldn’t be surprised for Skizzy to take over festivals in the very near future. Check out the bitchin tape and keep an eye out for more of the New York artist. Get Your Earz Wet.

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