MP3: Step Rockets – Kisser

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Step Rockets - Kisser

Happy Tuesday, the makeup day for Monday… here is a great little jam from the indie rock group from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Step Rockets. This track is called Kisser. The Step Rockets are an indie rock band “exploring psychedelia, modern hooks, worldly grooves, and possibly the moon.” Their words, not mine. They definitely sound like they have some galactic influences with that keyboard synths in there.

If you didn’t feel good before, this one will kick you in the Kisser and make you like it. Sorry. This track came out earlier this year, so it’s not out of the oven fresh, so it probably needs to be nuked. Not nuked like, atomic bomb nuked, just microwaved. BOOM. Step Rockets. Enjoy, and the guitar solo at the end made me cry. ok, Bye.

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