MP3: Tei Shi – No Angel (Beyoncé Cover)

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Valerie Teicher AKA Tei Shi is one rising star you’ve got to get acquainted with. Born in Argentina and raised between Vancouver, Montreal, and Bogotá, Colombia, this siren can best be described as sultry, romance-novel dreampop. Her current Brooklyn digs have informed her signature themes, fusing looped vocals and lo-fi production with bubblegum melodies. Her first EP, 2013’s Saudade, introduced us to the catchy single, Nevermind the End, but it’s her cover of Beyoncé’s No Angel that has me falling in love with her all over again.

A lot of people are unaware of this fact, but Chairlift’s Caroline Polachek is the songwriter/co-producer behind Beyoncé’s breathy ballad, No Angel. Chairlift’s Patrick Wimberley was drumming for Solange at MOMA, when Beyoncé popped in and expressed an appreciation for Chairlift. That fateful moment eventually spawned the Polachek-Knowles collab that Tei Shi covers here.

Tei Shi is a first-rate vocalist and manages to hold her own through the challenging chorus and panting refrains. That said, it’s Luca Buccellati’s production on this cut that truly stands out. While at first, the song feels simple– it builds into a successful cover that incorporates the best parts of the original into something uniquely Tei Shi. If you’re digging it, pick up a free download and enjoy The Eargazm!

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