MP3: The Black Keys ft. Nas, Jay-Z, Biggie, Mos Def – Little Black Submarines (VOODOO FARM REMIX)

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voodoo-farm-little black submarines

Ok, I’m not a huge believer in “Black Magic”, “witchcraft”, “furbies”, or any other satanic icons or rituals, but VOODOO, that shit’s another story. VOODOO FARM has gone above and beyond combining some rather big names so effortlessly in this track renamed Little Black Submarines. Let me list a few of the names featured for you….The Black Keys (check), Nas (check), Jay-Z (check), Biggie (check), & Most Def (check). VOODOO FARM calls this genre, ‘crunkstep’ and or ‘thugstep’. I totally get it, and I can’t even begin to imagine how difficult piecing together this many tracks can be.

As if combining this much talent wasn’t already a challenge, VOODOO FARM also has a combination of talents. Along with being an incredible DJ, he also claims the name to fame as a Producer, as well as a Filmmaker. You go VOODOO. Truly a testament to the more talents you have, the farther you’ll go in this industry. VOODOO FARM is the music project of NYC-based producer/DJ/filmmaker Liam Dirlam. The sound is described as “Electronic Dancerock” and infuses styles of Electro House, Dubstep, and Hip-Hop using live instruments, vocalists, and machines. Voodoo Farm’s first single, “Bangers & Cash” was placed on rotation on at MTV, VH1 and SpikeTV… also considered for mtvU’s “Best Freshman Video Award” in September 2010. VOODOO includes FREE DOWNLOADS for the majority of their work, so get on their website, facebook page, or just Google the damn dudes. Get Your Ears Wet!

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