MP3: Wu-Tang Clan – Family Reunion (CDQ)

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Family Reunion

Need a little old school funk r&b mixed with some contemporary hip-hop? Wu-Tang Clan has you covered. Fresh off the hype from their hot Summer Jams performance, the Wu has the released the CDQ version of their latest track, Family Reunion. Featuring the sharp spittin of Masta Killah, Method Man, and Ghostface Killah, in-house producer RZA spins some soul onto the track by sampling the O’Jays classic hit, also titled Family Reunion. Goddamn that throwback soul is so flawless, the Wu knocked this one out of the park like Mark McGwire at the plate with steroids seeping through his pores.

Nothing but good vibes are present within bars celebrating the success the gang have enjoyed while surviving in the game for 20 years. The subject matter is pretty atypical of what we’re accustomed to from the Wu catalog, but no one’s complaining about an easy riding track from the rap legends. Masta Killa sets the tone straight with the first lines of the song.

“It’s good to see the Wu-Tang family under one roof/We celebrate, toastin’ shots, Ciroc 40 proof/Burgers on the grill and fried fish/The wiz made potato salad, greens for a side dish

Some homemade potato salad combined with the finest Ciroc 40 proof? That’s an outdoor picnic I’d love to attend. Method Man opens his verse by reminding us all that the Wu have and will continue to stand the test of time.

“It’s goin’ down/We rock all in forever now, Wu-Tang forever now/Twenty years later we still bang whatever now/Turn change to cheddar/If I could take a quote from Obama, change is better”

The groups upcoming album, A Better Tomorrow, is expected to be released this July. Check in for more tracks off the album because it’s 2013 and shit leaks through the cracks of the internet like crazy. Enjoy the new tune from the almighty and powerful Wu. Get Your Earz Wet!

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