MP3: Yelawolf feat. A$AP Rocky and Big Henry – Gangster

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After spittin side by side on 1Train and now this track, it’s simple science-Yelawolf and A$AP Rocky make a murderous combination. The rap stars have reunited once more on a song off Yelawolf’s upcoming mixtape, Trunk Muzik Returns, titled Gangster. With the help of rhymes from Big Henry, the three MC’s show off their incredible storytelling abilities as they describe their experiences and circumstances during their grinding gangster days. Some artists in the game claim to have known the life of a click-clacking G since their father’s seed found its way into their mother’s wombs. Yela, Rock, and Henry present no fallacy here as each individual gives details to their genuine journey through a life of struggle and hustle.

Flat out-“THIS BEAT IS DOPE” (Aziz voice). Producer SupaHot Beats hooked Yelawolf up with a deep, slow-rolling street instrumental. Containing nothing more but a set of quick-snapping snares, bass, synths, and police sirens to heighten the criminal subject matter, the beat gives room for each rapper to capitalize on their bars. The Alabama MC sets the stage for the solemn tone with the opening verse. Describing his days as a perceived “white trash outcast”, Yelawolf attacks the mic with his usual relentless, fast chopping flow. It was through being categorized as a weird dude where Yelawolf found his focus and creativity, living with his best friend in which he spotlights as the gangster. “Out from the rest of the halves, and the have-nots took me in as kin/Outcast, poor white trash and that’s where I learned to make my friends/But I’ve always been a weirdo to my homie, cause I wanted to go be an entertainer/He was sellin’ rock out his window, I was the rapper, and my best friend was the GANGSTER”. The honesty is sick and the flow is even filthier.

Rocky and Big Henry follow up Yela’s verse in similar fashion, coming at the audience with truth and knowledge that force you to take a closer listen to each and every line. Releasing this song was a great choice by Yelawolf. I haven’t listened to much of the rapper’s work in the past, but this track has certainly captured my curiosity. No beach for me during spring break next week, the Gulf Shores have swallowed my liver whole too much the past two years. I won’t be bumpin this track on the back porch of a beach house in Alabama, but I’ll be damned if I’m not blowin blunts to some Yelawolf in Lenexa, KS. And no, my home is not a farm. I don’t own a single cow, just an all white bastard Shitzu named Elvis. I digress, enjoy the track and cop Trunk Muzik Returns tomorrow. Get Your Earz Wet.

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