New Dating App: Charade Date

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A friend of The Eargazm came up with a pretty sweet new dating app. I’m sure you have heard of Tinder and it’s growing success, because it’s used by real people and it actually works. Well, these guys saw that and came up with a new spin on the whole dating app idea and in my opinion it’s much better. It’s like Snapchat, Tinder and Charades got together and had one bad ass love child. It’s called Charade Date. Basically you are able to meet new people, chat with them and play charades. Playing a game totally kills the awkwardness of small talk. Plus who the hell actually enjoys small talk. I know what you’re probably thinking.. That would be weird to play charades with someone you don’t know watching you. We’ll it’s not live. You can rerecord as many times as you’d like and maintain that super cool appearance you’re sooo worried about.. In all seriousness, this app is worth checking out and it’s free for a limited time, so why not?

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More Info:
When it comes to dating, actions speak louder than words — that’s why the latest dating apps go beyond simple profile views and messaging. Charade Date, a new turn-based dating app, uses a mobile video version of the popular party game to help singles create connections in a fun, natural way that lets them show off their personalities.
“Seeing is believing, and now is the time for an app that uses video sharing features to solve the misleading online dating picture problem,” explained Company Attorney Kevin Vela, who is also an investor in the game. “Charade Date is a fun game on its own. When you add the dating aspect, it’s a safe, enjoyable, and honest way to meet new people.”
Charade Date’s creator, Richard Burghardt, chose charades because he wanted to use video outside of a typical dating context. “With some apps, you press a button and you’re immediately on live video. That is incredibly intimidating,” Burghardt said. “It’s like walking up to someone at a bar and trying to create an instant connection. Real relationships form when you’re doing something other than dating, like working together or hanging out at an event. With Charade Date, you’re just playing a game, and the video isn’t live, so there’s less pressure. You can take your time, choose a charade you feel comfortable with, and record it as many times as you want until you like what you see.”
Users play Charade Date by first creating a simple profile, then browsing other profiles based on location and basic preferences. Next, users request games from players they would like to meet. If a request is accepted, an active game begins. The first user may choose from a list of charades to act out in an 8-second video. Users may shake their phone for more charade options. Players take turns sending videos and guessing charades. They can respond whenever they are ready, with no time limits. Once games are active, users can exchange text messages, which allows them to share contact information if and when they are ready.
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Twenty-four-year-old investor Austin Smith believes the game will appeal to singles in his generation. “I frequently use Apps like Tinder and Words with Friends, and my friends are usually glued to their phones,” Smith comments. “Charade Date combines the best aspects of both apps, and adds something more. It removes the awkwardness of starting a conversation with someone you’ve never met by guiding users through a game. Plus, it gives you the ability to see your opponent in video, creating a feeling of trust. I think it will be a great transition to mobile dating for users who play online interactive games with their friends but might not otherwise consider using a dating app.”

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