O.C.A.D. – Muse (The Truth)

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Do you have that “something”, or that “someone” that truly inspires you? Not only does this person help inspire you, but they’re the reason, your motivation for succeeding, your Muse. The band O.C.A.D. are each others Muse when it comes to one another. O.C.A.D is a duo made up of Olivia Cipolla and Arie Dixon, hence the acronym. She is a show stopping, electric singer, dancer, actor-model, songwriter, and choreographer, including appearing in and assisting in choreography for Beyonces’ new hit video “Dance For You” , which released earlier this year. Arie Dixon is a prolific and multi talented songwriter, producer, and performer with a massive following of his mix-tape series The Jack Moves. This song Muse, is off of the twos’ debut album together entitled The Truth. Their sound reminds me of ZZ Ward, incorporating that “bluesy soul sound” mixed with a hints of hip-hop. Check em out, they’re a force to be reckoned with. Get Your Earz Wet!

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