Pretty Lights – So Bright

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“So Bright” is the a new track from Pretty Lights, and she’s a “builder”, so keep your patient pants on and let this one ride. You will not regret it. Pretty Light’s signature hip-hop infused electric feel shines through like non other. The drop is subtle, yet pulsing, sly, yet cunning, shy, yet in yo Fugg’n Face. It comes with all of the bells and whistles; ominous bass lines, hypnotizing piano melodies, and sampled voice sections that will have you thinking, “holy hot dog batman, I love this song”. There is a FREE DOWNLOAD available for all of you that still live at home and get mommas cookin. If you feel like splurging, support these guys on Beatport and get the full experience. I’m not judging…I’m always down for a free ride. Get Your Earz Wet and keep dem Light Pretty.

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