E-40 Ft. Too $hort and Wiz Khalifa – Say I

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You know you’re a boss when you’re in your mid forties, still throwin down raps about getting hammered in the clubs and doing it with style-let alone with a pair of glasses on. E-40 and fellow over-the-hill-aged Cali rapper Too $hort let go a bass bumpin, head noddin track today titled Say I. The song is an interesting one, containing that goofy-ass, yet hard style from E-40 along with a sharp flowing guest verse from Young Khalifa. While the verses from E-Fizzle and Wiz are both solid, I’m really confused as to how I’m supposed to interpret Too $hort‘s verse. Like the rest of the song’s subject matter, he too starts off with rapping about getting shitfaced, but then goes on to explain how he received a DUI, providing details of instances with court and his lawyer and ultimately ending the verse with a “be safe kids” message. After the first listen I thought the verse sounded like he was having a phone conversation with his mother explaining how and why he received the DUI, but if you listen to $hort’s style and tone there seems to be a purpose behind the simplicity. Let me know if I’m over-analyzing this, I’m very baffled. E-40 and Too $hort‘s collaborative two-disc album History: Mob Music and Function Music comes out November 6th and will have Say I on the tracklist of the Function Music half of the project. They may be near the age of my father, but they haven’t stopped living the dream and making good music. I think its cool they teamed up being the same age and therefore at the same mentality and stage in their careers, I’ll definitely give the collabo record a listen to. JESUS CHRIST HAD DREADS, SO SHAKE EM!!!

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