Sir Michael Rocks Ft. Casey Veggies and Mac Miller – Great

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“With all them badass friends you be thinking you a 10, but you an 8, NOW THAT’S GREAT!” Preach Macsimus, preach! Part of his newly released mixtape “Lap of Lux”, Sir Michael Rocks gathered Casey Veggies and Mac Miller to hop on a record they titled Great. I really cannot stop playing this song, it is VERY, VERY chill. Not the “oh yeah, let’s blast some Wiz Khalifa and get stoned and eat some shnozzberries” type of chill, but the good vibe summer nights type of chill. Now that’s chill. “Lap of Lux” is the effort of The Cool Kids member Sir Michael Rocks (previously known as Mikey Rocks) to kickoff his solo MC career. I gotta say, I like what I hear and the mixtape is very dope. Rocks recently signed with Curren$y’s Jet Life record label and plans on realeasing an album at the beginning of next year, which in rapper months could really mean the album will actually be released in the middle of next year to 10 years from now (see Dr. Dre’s “Detox”). Of course you know Mac, or Macsimus as I like to call him personally because we’re close associates, but Casey Veggies is certainly getting his name out there. A rapper from Inglewood, California who released his first mixtape at the age of 14, Veggies has done work with many artists in the game and continues to spit all over tracks. Also aside from hocking loogies on running tracks, he raps on many different artists’ songs. Great was produced by Taylor Gang’s Cardo and has a very unique, light sound which is most noticeable in the intro and continues with the addition of a snare, bongo-sounding drums, and a light whining sound in the background. I apologize if I’m fucking awful at explaining beats or uneducated with the “sound design lingo”, but that’s the best I can do. Maybe just trust me that it’s chill so we can avoid this whole conversation? Greeeaaaattt, I’m just gonna go ahead and have to ask you to go ahead and press play and check it out for yourself (Lumbergh voice).

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