Skrillex – Imma Try It Out (Featuring Alvin Risk)

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Dubstep and gamers go together like lamb and tuna fish (Rob Schneider voice), so who better to headline the soundtrack for possibly the biggest videogame of the year Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2, than Godfather of wub, senior Skrillex. That’s right, the boys down at Activision decided the perfect soundtrack for defending our nation from future terrorists needed the Skrillex drop we have all come to know and love. Skrillex lent his track Imma Try It Out featuring Alvin Risk to the game. The track features trademark Skrillex synth with a drop that leaves you feeling like you just looked an exploding flash grenade dead in the eye. This track is a perfect addition to the COD soundtrack, it will keep you pumped while mowing down zombies and will keep you jamming as you are responding in a map full of campers. Whether you are a hardcore gamer, or just really into wubbing your face off, Skrillex delivers once again with Imma Try It OutGet Your Earz Wet!

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