Song: Dan Deacon – “Learning to Relax”

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Dan Deacon’s music is pure. He’s not worried about influences, trends, musical statements, or anything that can get in the way of having fun listening to various frequencies shoot into your eardrum and connect to your brain. The very fact that we can hear is amazing enough, no need to make it anything more than that. Deacon’s music can seem complicated and possibly even scary at first because of how unique it is, but if you receive it in the manner presented, open-hearted and honest, it can be the best music on the planet.

For the unfamiliar, Dan Deacon makes wild electronic music that really defies description. In a recent feature on Consequence of Sound, Deacon himself is quoted as saying “To anyone making true avant-garde or experimental music, I make pop music; to anyone making pop music, I make nonsense.”

His latest song “Learning to Relax” is quintessential Dan Deacon. Chopped and screwed vocals, poppy hooks, breakneck rhythms and just a downright great time.

Dan Deacon’s next album Gliss Riffer is out next Tuesday. But you can listen to the whole thing now over at NPR’s first listen.


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