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Greetings from sunny Lenexa, KS, everyone! Spring break week is finally here and this is where I will reside during this week off. While others are enjoying the “three b’s” of spring break: beach, babes, and beer, I will be enjoying my own three b’s: biology (as in studying for the MCAT), basketball (go K-State!), and beats (new indie songs for you all on the reg!)… And beer of course. So four b’s. And I know, it’s kind of weird to refer to an indie song as a ‘beat’, but it starts with b… Bear with me here.

Today I stumbled upon this awesome acoustic indie folk tune called The Manic from Amarante. As a big fan of indie-folk, this song is right up my alley. Appearing on their new album: Udana Prana, The Manic depicts the love story of a man and woman realizing that they are no good for each other.

It’s a very fitting song and subject matter for this Fresno, CA duo of husband and wife Josh and Jysi Hewitt. Not very often these days do you find a band that is comprised of a married couple — especially one that is open about their relationship (see: White Stripes, Matt and Kim).

Their Facebook page is especially interesting, because it gives insight into not only their band-life, but their personal lives as well. They’ve posted content ranging from a livestream of their album to photos of a night out, and a photo of their daughter, Edyn, introducing her as the newest member of Amarante. Adorbs. Amarante lets you get to know them beyond just their music — a connection that most artists neglect to make.

So stream this chill indie folk song by Amarante, and enjoy your spring break whenever it may be. Even if you aren’t heading down to somewhere warm, SB2k13 is what you make it. No free download of this song, unfortunately, but you can purchase The Manic and/or the entire Udana Prana album here and proceed to Get Your Earz Wet!

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