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Once in a blue moon a song just matches exactly how you feel on a particular day. Yesterday, while I tried to assimilate myself back into reality after Coachella, I heard Ironworks by Baths.

Baths, or as he is known by the government, Will Weisenfeld is a composer of beautiful downtempo electronic music. His debut album Cerulean received a lot of attention and threw him on the short list as one of the prominent names in LA’s beat scene. While recording his second and upcoming album Obsidian, he was struck with a very unfortunate case of E Coli and was bed ridden for months. Luckily, I am not too familiar with exactly how nasty having E Coli must be, but the melancholy that must ensue from such a is apparent on this song.

“I hope people understand that I’m not the depressed, suicidal, and death-obsessed person the record may paint me as being. These are just darker areas that I wanted to explore.” said Baths. The song definitely has the feeling of staying home sick from school as a child, eating chicken soup and watching Price is Right. It isn’t happy or fun, but oddly comforting and cleansing in a way. The percussion mimics rain drops on a roof (it was always best to stay home from school on a rainy day).  Baths beautiful falsetto voice wraps around you like your favorite blanket. Its just the perfect vibes for those rough slower days that make you thankful for the better ones.

If you weren’t looking for a song to lay on the couch to today, my apologies. But I recommend that you at least keep this one in the back pocket for that off day. Obsidian comes out on May 28th via Anticon Records. Check out Ironworks below.

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