Stream: Beartown Zodiac – Angel of Light

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‘Tis the season of long days, longer nights, warm weather, and streaming the best light, upbeat music to keep this summery feeling flowin’ and never stoppin’. Dreams of wandering through meadows, basking in sunlight, and wafting the cool summer breeze come to fruition in this amorous epoch. Angel of Light by Beartown Zodiac radiates all of these sentiments beautifully.

Buoyant and cheerful, Angel of Light matches the spirit of summer days. Energetic drums set the tempo for an overlay of wanderlust guitar and warm, dreaming vocals. The song recounts a classic summer tale: a declaration of love.

Beartown Zodiac, natives of Bournemouth on the south coast of England, began as the solo project of singer and guitarist David Bird-Hawkins. DBH spent a year travelling the world with his white Flying-V ukelele, gathering influences and developing his musical identity. Upon completion of his journey, David returned to the U.K. to begin his music career. He first signed with independent record label Woodenhouse Records, and began performing with a full band under the moniker Beartown Zodiac.

The worldy influence can be heard in Beartown’s tunes, with an adaptive sound fitting in various styles from stripped down acoustics to fully-plugged electric. B.T. Zodiac inspires travel in their unique sound, reflective of the forces that formed David Bird-Hawkins’ technique.

Beartown Zodiac is set to release their first full length EP very shortly. On May 17th, the world will be graced with Karaoke Bites — the band’s first impression on the world. To be blunt, it’s going to go over very well. Beartown Zodiac have a sound that the masses will adore and gobble up their EP as a result. So be ahead of the game and check out Angel of Light today, then hop on over to the band’s soundcloud to listen to some more of their tunes from their upcoming release. Listen to Beartown Zodiac “before they were cool” and Get Your Earz Wet you hipster, you.

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