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There comes a time in every young man’s life when he must realize that it’s time to move on. For me, that day is today.

I’ve always loved these headphones. They’ve been by my side (sides of my head anyways) for so long, streaming the dopest of dope tunes straight to the brain. But due to an unfortunate drunken-laptop-dropping incident, we must part ways. It’s time to move on.

I came to this conclusion when I first streamed Switch Up by Big Sean. My shorted out headphones played only a hollowed out, “instrumental” version of the Detroit native’s new banger. I sat there thinking to myself, “What is this garbage!? Big Sean is better than this!”

After grabbing one of my bro’s ‘phones to rightly check Sean’s new one, I literally said, “Oh wow, this is way better.” I had been listening to a mere ghost of Switch Up, and the actual song is “way better”.

Simply put, Sean goes hard on this track. Much improved from some of the short comings of Finally Famous (2011), Big Sean is proving to the world that he can spit. Alongside Common, Big Sean keeps you wanting more for Switch Up’s entire 5:10 duration.

Working with G.O.O.D. Music, Sean’s game has grown by leaps and bounds. We won’t have to hear gimmicks like “AssAssAssAssAssAssAssAssAssAssAssAssAssAssAssAssAss” anymore (hopefully).

So while Kid Cudi may have left G.O.O.D., Big Sean and Common make it clear that they’re sticking loyal to the label in Switch Up. In a roundabout way, Sean is calling out Cudi in the bridge:

“I seen cars switch up
I seen hoes switch up
I seen money Ill switch up
When the days get dimmer
Who gon’ leave you there when who gon leave which ya?
This is for the ones thats always ridin’ with ya”

Clearly Big Sean is unhappy about Cudder’s departure. He wants Cudi to know that he made a bad decision because G.O.O.D. is going to be huge — “The same team, naw naw I aint switch up // I aint switch up, I think its time to kill it”.

Switch Up comes from Big Sean’s new album Hall of Fame, set to drop in June. If this is the level that Sean is on for the whole album — DAMN. Hall of Fame has the potential to be a very dangerous album to the rap game.

Stream Switch Up for free on The Eargazm all day long and Get Your Earz Wet!

Now I’m gonna go get some new headphones. Any suggestions?


PS. 2nd place in last night’s case race by the slimmest of margins. Great fun, but also great misery this morning.

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