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When I was 17, I saw Blink 182 perform live at a small music festival. They were good, playing the music you’d expect to hear (All the Small Things, I Miss You, What’s My Age Again, etc.), but they just didn’t put their heart and soul into the performance, and it was obvious. That could have also been due to the fact that the entire band was piss drunk and messed up half of their performance, but who’s to say?

Once some artists “make it”, they’re more likely to pull these stunts because, hell, they’re getting paid boat loads of money to do it anyways. That, in essence, is why I enjoy new artists from time to time.

Bleeding Knees Club sound eerily similar to Tom DeLonge and company in their song Feel. Couple that with the fact that they’re a young new band and still give everything they’ve got to producing great songs and performing them well and sober enough, and you’ve really got something.

The duo from Goldcoast, Australia stick to their garage-punk style in most of their work thus far, with Alex Wall hitting the raw, whiny vocals hard (hence the comparisons to Tom DeLonge).

To really get to know what BKC is all about, I suggest checking out their Call the Cops Tour Video. Have fun, play great music, put on great shows, and most importantly: PARTY — I give you, Bleeding Knees Club. While just performing around Australia for now, with enough support these guys may someday reach the States to bring their Aussie party mentality to us Yanks.

Check out Bleeding Knees Club’s newest single: Feel and enjoy a punk, Blink 182-esque band that puts on one hell of a show. Also, check out the band’s awesomely spooky low budget video to their song Nothing To Do — complete with a hilarious ending twist that perfectly sums up the band’s personality. Get Your Earz Wet!

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