Stream: Capital Cities – Farrah Fawcett Hair ft. André 3000 and narrated by Frank Tavares (NPR)

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CapitalCities-Farrah Fawcett Hair

Here’s a brand spanking new track from our LA indie duo, Capital Cities, called Farrah Fawcett Hair. The band’s debut album, In A Tidal Wave Of Mystery will be released June 4th 2013, via Capitol Records in partnership with Lazy Hooks. That’s TOMORROW!!!!! You can be sure that we will have at least half of the album up over the course of the next few days.

This track is a hilarious concept, narrated by NPR radio voice, Frank Tavares. Half way through, I had to ask myself….”is this happening?” Andre 3000 is a perfect addition to this elcletic array of musical, and radio influences. “You know it when you see it, you know it when you stare, like Michael Jackson thriller, or Farrah Fawcett Hair“. Ain’t that the truth. Two more recognizable things may not exist, so props to Capital Cities for throughing all of these factors into the mix.

In A Tidal Wave Of Mystery, for me at least, is my most anticipated album of 2013 thus far. I know I know, “how can you say that Chance, with the release of Daft Punk’s RAM, and Kanye’s ‘Yeezus‘?” Hey! I’m a Capital Cities follower from day 1, and I want to see what the debut album will bring for the crew that captivated my heart back at St. Rockes nearly a year ago.

You can pre-order the album, In A Tidal Wave Of Mystery today, so at least then “you have it”. That was a reference to the newest Arrested Development installment featuring a scene with Ed Helms. If you haven’t watched that yet either, you need to get on it. Fantastic doesn’t begin to describe. Condolences go out to Andre 3000, who lost his mother last Tuesday, just one day after his birthday. Thoughts and prayers go out to Andre 3000. It’s good Shit. Get Your Ears WEt!

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