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Cool Chouls

Most of the time keeping up with the newest and latest music is a very exciting adventure. But today, while doing my usual hunting, I came across a new jam with a refreshing sound that felt like I had heard it already. Grace by the Cool Ghouls (best band name ever, by the way) sounds like something that would come blasting out of a jukebox when a cool guy in a leather jacket hit it in just the right spot a la Arthur Fonzarelli. From the first strum of the guitar, I was taken back to a simpler time. Their Facebook bio says it best: “(Cool Ghouls) doesn’t claim to be anything other than what it is; a record for now, a record for then, and a record for forever.” The band carries on the sound of classic, soulful rock n’ roll, one of America’s greatest contributions to mankind.

The San-Francisco band consists of Pat Thomas, Ryan Wong, Pat McDonald, Alex Fleshman. Grace is part hip-shaking ballad part lighters to the sky anthem. Incorporating swing band horns and playful back-and-forth vocals, The Cool Ghouls take tried and true musical tricks and create something all their own.

San Francisco is establishing itself as the kings of reviving rock and roll for 2013. With releases from Foxygen and Ty Segall getting love as of late, not to mention Girls and Christopher Owens the city by the bay is turning into a hub or classic rock revival. This guy would love to see the Cool Ghoul’s be next on the list of success.

The self titled Cool Ghouls album will be released on April 23rd courtesy of  Endless Nest records. Get Your Earz Wet and stream Grace below.

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