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Kush Coma

WARNING: headphones and/or subs are essential to fully comprehend the insanity of this instrumental, thus allowing Danny Brown’s explosiveness to sink deeper into your cochleas. Some folks aren’t Danny Brown fans, criticizing his out-of-the-box producer choices as well as his overall rap style. To them, I say “get your ignorant ass head out of your wide gapped bum and OPEN YOUR EARS”. The Detroit MC has provided us with another file to add to our iTunes libraries that will do anything but fit in with the rest of your playlists. Yeah, Danny doesn’t do that “fitting in” thing too well. He struts his own shit and is DAMN good at it.

The blasting beat that is about to rumble your earmuffs (aka over-the-ear headphones) is titled Kush Coma. Production comes from the very talented and Mr. Brown’s right hand man Skywlkr. Kush Coma will appear on Danny’s upcoming album, Old, expected to be released in August. This is the first we are hearing from the Fools Gold rapper’s third solo studio album. Needless to say, it’s everything and more what the fans of the gap-toothed spitter could ask for. Don’t go expecting anything light from this upcoming project, neither. A list of artists collaborating on Old includes the likes of A$AP Rocky, Schoolboy Q, Ab-Soul, Kitty Pryde, and Purity Ring. I LOVE the looks of those features. When Danny, A$AP Mob, and the Black Hippies get together shit pops off. I saw an A$AP concert last year with Danny and Q present and it simply blew my fucking face off.

On his upcoming album, Brown has had this to say: “If people are just looking for dick-sucking jokes, there isn’t too many of them this time”. To go off that, Old is expected a more mature album which I think is a good move by Danny. Don’t get me wrong, I laugh my ass off at all the outrageous things that comes from that man’s mouth. However, I think there’s another side of Danny that hip-hop needs to see in order to give him more credibility. His flow, delivery, and energy are through the roof, but I’m really curious to see what a deeper Danny will bring to the booth. Dick-sucking jokes or not, I’m pumped for this album. It has potential to be one of the most unexpected, mind-blowing, outrageous pieces of hip-hop put together in 2013. Enjoy this gem, knock back a few to some March Swagness, and Get Your Earz Wet.

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