Stream: Delorean – “Spirit”

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Delorean have a way of slowly winning over the listener. Song after song, Delorean has a way of slowly creeping their way into your eardrums until they have complete reign, like some sort of, albeit welcomed,  musical parasite. Their sprawling electronic music sounds as natural and full of life as the sprawling Spanish landscapes they hail from.

Their 2010 album Subiza served as a welcome mat for me into appreciating electronic music, more specifically house music. You could smell the saltwater in the air while listening to that album. One of my favorite memories of college was sitting with my roommate after a night at the bars and watching him click play on some song called “Seasun” by some “spanish dudes”. By the end of the track there were 40 people in my room having the time of their lives, as if we were all on E at a Baltic dance club. From that moment forward, I began to appreciate house music and it’s ability to captivate the human soul. Delorean is what I picture the blue people from Avatar listening to on their ipods.

Spirit” begins as a pretty minimal dance track. Slowly, but surely, layers and layers of sonic thickness are added until you have no choice but to gracefully succumb to the impossibly danceable rhythms.

The song is from their newest album APAR which is due in September. Check out “Spirit” below.

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