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At this point in the year, engagements and obligations multiply like two rabbits with spring fever and a box of Trojans (the big box — with like 50 of those fuckers in there. The one you’re a tad embarrassed, yet totally stoked to buy due to the implications). Luckily, there’s four dudes up in Michigan putting out some chill tunes that can really soothe this massive cotton-tailed orgy of to-do-listness.

I had previously written a short piece on Dog & Panther’s short, but meaningful Love Makecomplete with it’s own lame sex joke. Dog & Panther continues to impress me with their brand new release of The Hungry.

The Hungry follows suit with Dog & Panther’s relaxing, meditative style. The light beat paves the way for Ben Vraz’s thought-provoking lyrics. If you’re a fan of the work or sound of Ben Gibbard, then you will appreciate Dog & Panther. Vraz sounds very much like Mr. Gibbard.

Dog & Panther has recently put out their second studio album: Our Bodies back in February. The entire album is available for download on Dog & Panther’s Bandcamp for just $10. Still working on growing and being discovered, Dog & Panther has, admittedly, experienced an inexplicably sharp rise in SoundCloud followers recently (a big jump up to around 32,000). It seems people are finally catching on to the band’s awesomeness. There is still hope for this world, everyone! You can check out their page for yourself HERE, and listen to some more of their brilliant tunes.

Check out the calming effects of Dog & Panther’s newest tune: The Hungry, and good luck surviving this busy time of the year.

Let’s hope that the luck goes both ways and tomorrow’s relativistic physics exam turns out to be a cupcake. Probably not, but here’s hopin’, right? For the record, It’s 11:30 and I have no idea what the exam is going to cover, but I’m really just banking on the fact that it’ll all come to me in time. #SpringSemester.

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