Stream: Elijah Blake – Towers of Tokyo

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Elijah Blake - Towers

HAPPY HOLIDAY! It’s Christmas, and I can post two songs if I want to. Why are you potentially complaining? You’re gonna turn down another hit track on Christmas? How dare you… how dare you even question my pick on the day of baby Jesus’s Burf… this track dropped earlier in December, and it’s by Elijah Blake… it’s called Towers of Tokyo.

I must confess, this is the first track I’ve heard from Mr. Blake, but about a minute in, you can tell this dude has some special pipes. Besides his intensely high vocals, that make me question manhood itself, this track also has a xylophone on it. It doesn’t get more festive than that right there. You whip out a Xylophone on any occasion and you’re going to make some tips. Elijah Blake recently released his first free LP on December 12, Towers of Tokyo, being one of the tracks included. I see big things for Blake’s future. Enjoy! Merry Christmas.

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