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Today we have a slightly different style than my normal posts, bringing you the up-and-coming Australian Indie-pop group Fairchild, with their new single Burning Feet. This song is a smooth flowing, up-tempo pop tune. I keep thinking that it should have come out in the 1980’s, but then I check the release date and see that it came out just 2 days ago. So nope. Not the 80’s. Damn.

It sounds like it though.

Fairchild is set to release their debut work in the form of a self-titled EP at some point in July. And yes, Burning Feet will be featured on it. This will be the first work released under the new moniker, which is an evolution from the band’s previous name: Fairchild Republic. This band is brand new. Hell, their website is a little over a week old.

Fairchild reminds me of Imagine Dragons to some degree. Also, the vocalist reminds me a lot of (DATED OBSCURE REFERENCE WARNING) Todd Pipes from Deep Blue Something, especially in their hit song: Breakfast at Tiffanies (/END DATED OBSCURE REFERENCE).

Working with producer Catherine Marks, Fairchild is closing in on their first production, and thus, chance to be noticed and develop into a band with a much larger following. Marks has worked with bands such as Foals, Death Cab For Cutie, and The Killers. Needless to say, she has a history of success, especially with bands that fit a certain criteria, which Fairchild fits right in to.

Be on the lookout for the July release of Fairchild’s self-titled EP and any singles they might release before then. The best way to get info about this artist would be to check out their website. I’ll be posting an update on the band as soon as their EP comes out, including details on how to nab it for yourself. So give the band from down under a listen, and Get Your Earz Wet!

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