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Free Time

Hats off to Australia for producing some pretty awesome music these days. Making their way from Melbourne all the way to your headphones comes Free Time, led by songwriter Dion Nania and his Bob Dylan-esque vocals (or Kurt Vile-esque, for the contemporary kids out there).

Nothin But Nice has a fantastic pace to it that tip-toes the line between shoegaze and straight-forward rock. The melodic, layered rhythm guitars call to mind bands like Real Estate or Ducktails. Nania’s laid-back drawl often falls behind the beat, creating a feeling of suspension, as if the song is holding you captive. Payoff comes in the form of lead guitarist Jonah Mauer‘s scuzzy guitar solos which work as a perfect counter to the heartbroken sounds of Nania.

The band is rounded out by Adrienne Humblet on bass and Michael Mimoun on drums, who do an excellent job propelling the song forward. The quartet recorded the LP pretty quickly which gives it that live feel. Trading the polish of weeks spent in the studio for some raw, lo-fi sounds gives Nothin But Nice that extra bite and a very real feel.

Free Time‘s debut is scheduled to be released on May 28th courtesy of Underwater Peoples. Get Your Earz Wet and stream out the track below.

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