Stream: GUTS – “Django” Remix

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GUTS - Django Remix

If you haven’t seen the new Tarantino movie “Django” yet, then get your butt to a seat in a theatre near you and pay the money, because it’s more than worth it. I won’t get into whether it’s the best of the Tarantino “sagas” but it certainly lends itself to be one of the best, utilizing some of the best Tarantino’s methods in filmmaking. This here is the GUTS remix of “Django” which is featured in the film. The original track, “Django” was composed by Luis Bacalov in 1966. GUTS is a remix artist from Spain, and has done a wonderful job remixing this track. When asked about the remix he commented, “Well, I could not resist and I tried not to distort the original song remaining faithful and respectful from the original version except for the outro ….” Well said. Get Your Ears Wet!

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