Stream: Hanni El Khatib – Penny

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Hanni El Khatib

Something good must have happened to Hanni El Khatib. Up until his latest release of Penny, the ferocious bluesman has made angry, gut-busting music which, in his own words, “is for people who have ever been shot or hit by a train”. For Penny, Hanni trades bullets for cupid’s arrows resulting a song that serves as soundtrack a bike ride on the beach with that special someone. Don’t get me wrong, Hanni hasn’t gotten all soft and mushy on us, but it is certainly refreshing to see a brighter side to him and is real testament to his ability to make good music no matter what mood he is in.

The track is off his forthcoming album Head In the Dirt, which is produced by Black Key’s Dan Auerbach and is due out April 30th. For anyone who has seen Hanni El Khatib live and the song sounds vaguely¬†familiar¬† the song started out as a bass line he used during sound check. The song was built out from there into the lovely tune you are hearing now.

The Los Angeles based rocker will be playing at Coachella (which is just over two weeks away! ahh!) with a West Coast/Midwest tour to follow. Check out the dates at his website. Here’s to hoping that whoever Penny is doesn’t break Hanni’s heart and we can hear more bouncy, happy tunes. Or maybe things might not work out and we will hear the return of Hanni’s most gritty, angry tunes yet. Either way, it should be interesting! Stream Penny below and be on the watch for that new album. Get Your Earz Wet!

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