Stream: Hebronix – Unreal

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Hebronix is the new project of Daniel Blumberg, formally the frontman of indie rock band Yuck. Daniel recently announced his departure to “work on other things”, which makes more sense now. It was pretty tough news to hear considering the pure awesomeness of Yuck’s 2011’s self titled debut, Yuck. After hearing this track, however, it becomes much easier news to swallow.

Unreal is an absolutely stunning slice of psychedelic¬†slacker rock that seems frozen in time. “I feel… unreal” sings Blumberg over an increasingly chaotic soundscape of scuzzy layered guitars,¬†psychedelic noises and off-kilter drums. The whole thing has a surreal feel to it that completely engulfs the listener. I’ve listened to it a good 5 or 6 times now and still am not quite sure if the song is three minutes long or seven, which is meant as an absolute compliment to Hebronix.

The track has some of the most impressive guitar work I have heard in a long time. Layers of perfectly orchestrated guitars swell and dive in and out, with melodies that work perfectly over each other. It’s sheer mastery that really needs to be listened to a handful of times to fully appreciate, much like a good movie you just keep finding great lines in every time you watch it.

Unreal is the title track from the band’s upcoming LP Unreal which comes out July 9th via ATP Recordings. Be on the watch for that. This guy is hoping that we don’t have to wait until then to hear more from this promising project. Stream Unreal below.

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