Stream: Joey Bada$$ – Don’t Quit Your Day Job!

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Don't Quit Ya Day Job!

After receiving so called “warning shots” over a diss track served to him by Lil B, the kid Brooklynite Joey Bada$$ wasted no time to fire back the same night. Going in on a spin of Janet Jackson’s That’s The Way Love Goes, Joey throws stab after stab to The BasedGod over a relentless flow and energy level to return the beef on a silver platter. There appeared to be no reason for the initial jabs Lil B threw at Joey besides to feul a feud to grab some attention from the hip-hop nation. The two talk a heaping pile of mad shit to each other over Twitter, however, after Joey had released Don’t Quit Your Day Job! Lil B attempted to appear appreciative toward the kid. “My son @joeyBADASS_ hard thoo i see ya REAL HIP HOP – Lil B”. I don’t think the Berkley rapper is going to fire back seeing how he is apparently honored and thrilled to have been ethered by Young Bada$$. Nevertheless, check out the hot return from Joey and Get Your Earz Wet.

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