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Milky Chance - Stolen Dance

May I have this Stolen Dance? “Wait, if the dance is stolen, how can you have it?” the tall man said, with an ever so slight grin. Tap tap tap, goes the symbol, strum strum strum goes the acoustic guitar; this song starts out sounding super full on folk. The young 20 year old from Kassel came to the fore surprisingly when he released his first stand-alone song in June 2012.

That’s right, almost a year ago, and he’s now topping the bloggisphere. His genre is argued to be pop? I’d call it more of a modern folk pop, if there is such a thing. I’m definitely getting some Jack Johnson vibes here as far as feel good, and passionate music goes. Can we settle on contemporary? Fair enough. Contemporary it is…

Milky Chance gives you “the chance” to turn off the engine and just let go of the steering wheel, crashing into a land of sweet tunes. It will take over your mind and body, and initiate the feeling of satisfaction in a day filled with turmoil and sadness. Lastly, but not “leastly”, Milky Chance’s debut album “Sadnecessary” will be unveiled in the coming days of May.

The album will feature eleven unique songs just like Stolen Dance. The album is slated to be released May 31st in Kassel, and June 1st for the remainder of civilization as we know it. Sadnecessary is being released by Lichtdicht Records, a young label from Kassel. Now onto my biased opinion of this fellow and the tunes he plays…LOVE the name, if I would have thought to put “milky” in front of my name I would have done it years ago, but now that’s it’s been done it’s too late. Oh well. Snag this FREE LISTEN of Stolen Dance, and Get Your Ears Wet!

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