Stream: Miracles of Modern Science – Dear Pressure

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Miracles of Modern Science

This morning I became a huge fan of Brooklyn five-piece band Miracles of Modern Science. The band features only a mandolin, violin, cello, standup bass and drums, but that is the extent of any ties toward the past or classical music. The band uses forward-thinking pop and indie ideas creating a sound that will please fans of heavy electronic music to more conservative music buffs. The band met at the music department at Princeton, which makes a lot of sense because these aren’t riffs that one could stumble across noodling around, these are smart, well thought out riffs. The band avoids landing on the wrong side of the nerd line with their indie pop sensibilities and not being content covering Call Me Maybe at open mic nights to pick up girls (although they do have a decent cover of Ms. Jepsen over at their Soundcloud page).

The Ivy Leaguers just released their second full length MEEMS featuring standout track Dear Pressure which you can stream below. The band is currently kicking it with every other band on the planet down at SXSW, but will be heading out on the open road all over the US, including a show next Friday at The Hotel Cafe in Hollywood and a visit to the Replay Lounge in beautiful Lawrence, KS on April 2nd. Check out Dear Pressure below and go check out their website.

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