Stream: POP ETC – God Only Knows (Beach Boys Cover)

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God Only Knows by the Beach Boys was recently named the greatest love song of all-time. Covering a song with that type of clout seems like it would be a pretty daunting challenge for a band, right? Not for POP ETC. The band, formally known as The Morning Benders, is always up for a challenge. In fact, it seems to be the driving force behind their music. Their cover of God Only Knows is perfect example of how the band delivers on a challenge.

After finding out that “morning bender” is a homosexual slur in Europe, the band graciously changed their name to POP ETC. They also completely revamped their sound. Where The Morning Benders played acoustic, melodic, folk-pop (WATCH THIS), POP ETC was synthy, danceable, R&B. Having already really established a large following and knocking of the door of some serious commercial success, it was a very risky move to completely re-brand themselves as POP ETC. Their new album was fairly polarizing, with some folks embracing their new sound, while others yearned for the tunes of the bands past. Personally, I enjoyed their party-ready jams and applaud them for taking such a chance.

Luckily for all fans POP ETC has released their cover of the great love song which sounds like The Morning Benders of old. The simple, acoustic strumming, mixed with the earnest vocals of frontman Chris Chu sprinkled with a modest amount of pop sensibilities will appease any fan of the band. Cheers to a band who thrives off a challenge and doesn’t let themselves get too comfortable in their own sound. Get Your Earz Wet and stream God Only Knows below.

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