Stream: Raleigh Ritchie – Bloodsport

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No!!!!! this is not the Jean Claude Van Dame movie from the early 80’s, Bloodsport… this is the new track Bloodsport by Raleigh Ritchie… and it’s a neo electco infused funky town ballad. Happy Monday you mother truckers… Mondays suck balls. Mine sucked real bad…got a $75 ticket… ya the city of Los Angeles don’t play, but this song made it all better… well not all of it better, but most of it… Loving is a Bloodsport.. no joke… if you’re ready to tie the knot, you better be able to knock that knot a new one if need be.

Raleigh Ritchie sounds as if he’s from across the pond, and after more research he’s actually from Bristol, and no not Connecticut… England.. suck it. I guessed right. Have a good Monday, and I’ll talk to you Tuesday…Bloodsport!

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