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Royal Canoe is like a much less historically significant Jackie Robinson.

No, they aren’t necessarily making strides in racial equality, or crushing homeruns on the reg, but they do have a characteristic in common and, thus, this intro is going somewhere. Both RC and Jackie break the norm. Jackie accomplished this by breaking down the racial barrier in professional baseball.

Royal Canoe break down the barriers between musical genres. Combining elements of pop, electronic, rock, hip-hop, and some sounds better left unclassified, this hextet from Winnipeg creates a dynamo of music fusion unlike any other. Seriously, one minute Bathtubs is indie-pop, the next: electronic-rock with thumping bass. Surely the song ended and something else came on. Oh no wait…

The band just put out Bathtubs the other day, continuing to drum up anticipation for their upcoming June 25th release of their studio album: Today We’re Believers. Expect their album to be as diverse and fulfilling as Bathtubs is, leaving your ears begging for more.

But where do the mood swings and varying styles in their music arise from? According to the band is comes from their home:

“The band calls Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada home – the enigmatic prairie city, which has served artists as both an abundant, creative watering hole and a debilitating quagmire. The city’s mood swings from euphoric summers spent biking with beers, fence-hopping residential pools and climbing abandoned roof-tops to harsh, bitter winters that are countered first with defiance, then self-loathing, then denial, then ‘you’ve got to be fucking kidding me.’ Royal Canoe’s songs are, in part, an effort to make sense of the resentment and romanticism of the city’s divergent identities.”

So while the comparison to Jackie Robinson might have been a bit of a hyperbole, the band is still accomplishing feats many bands don’t dare venture toward. Check out Bathtubs to see what all the hype is about, and Get Your Earz Wet!

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