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San Fermin


Wow! San Fermin‘s track “Sonsick” has completely blindsided me today and may have catapulted itself into being my favorite song of the year. Im going to take you through a play-by-play of my inner thoughts of the first time I listened to it via Wake Forest Radio’s own Glotz Block.

0:00 – 0:22 – “Ah this song is pretty nice, she has a sweet voice….”

0:23 – 0:49 – ¬†“Oh, nice harmonies… I like where this is going”

0:49 – 1:17 – “Woah, what a hook!? This is something here” (Stop what I’m doing and begin nodding my head)

1:18 – 2:07 – “This is some powerful stuff… “(Begin to inadvertently pump my fist)

2:08 – 2:32 – “Mercy! This hook is ripping out my heart (stand up)

2:33 – Ongoing – (At this point all I was thinking of was sunshine, lollipops and hugs. I may or may not have levitated, the jury is still out on that.)

Needless to say, I really enjoy this song. You’ll be hard pressed to find a more life-affirming, uplifting song. Dirty Projector-esque harmonies, titanic hooks, and cinematic horns are orchestrated with absolute perfection. “Sonsick” acknowledges the clouds of the world for a bit before driving them away to make way for sunshine with an earnestness that is lacking in today’s music world.

San Fermin is the work of Brooklyn composer and songwriter Ellis Ludwig-Leone who studied composition at Yale. He wrote this song after a breakup.

“I realized that the most intense moments are the ones in which conflicting emotional worlds exist inside you, equally, at once.” said Ludwig-Leone of “Sonsick” whose, composition brilliance was matched with the sweet voices of¬†Holly Laessig and Jess Wolfe.

Stream the track below, but I warn you, you may become completely taken over by it. Afterall, “It’s a summer kind of sickness”.

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