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Stay Bless

London based Stay Bless have released their first single titled Always from their debut EP Faded which will be released on 37 Adventures. Faded promises to be an earnest and powerful album. Frontman George Cassavetes‘ voice is deeply moving and soul stirring.

Always is a fantastic piece of experimental pop that according to the band “utilises emotional honesty as its key instrument,”. I think thats a fair way to describe. For those of you familiar with WU LYF, the comparison is pretty fair except that Stay Bless has a bit more of an optimistic poppy sound. Bouncy guitar arpeggios stretch out across mile-wide drums and Cassavetes’s sprawling vocals and it is simply beautiful. I haven’t tested this theory yet but I imagine this song is especially powerful while listening to it exploring the great outdoors. Always has a vastness that no roof could possibly contain.

Watch out for this band. Personally, I am chomping at the bit to hear some more. Stay Bless is extremely new to the scene so no word that I could find of tour dates but definitely be looking for their debut EP Faded

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