Stream: Tango With Lions – A Long Walk

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Post-script-pre-article (PSPA? Is that a thing?): This article was exceptionally difficult to write. Not because of a lack of motivation or inspiration, but A Long Walk by Tango with Lions literally put me to sleep multiple times during the creative process.

It comes with the territory when you produce a song as mellow as A Long Walk. A mix of soft-strumming acoustic and long-note electric guitars set a mesmerizing stage for the ghastly yet beautiful vocals of Kat Papachristou.

Mid-way through the song, the acoustic guitar fades away and the electric emerges to prominence. I’m a little iffy on this part. The song transitions from the very subdued acoustic goodness, to a more energetic electric piece. The constant is Papachristou, though. Her delivery remains the same throughout, allowing a smooth fusion of the two styles. A little change of pace is always good, I suppose.

After said electric electric-guitar-driven section comes the beauty that is the jazzy, bluesy trombone. With just a few seconds of glory before A Long Walk’s conclusion, the trombone perfectly wraps up A Long Walk. Jimmy Star aptly captures the entirety of this song’s raw, morose emotion with his trombone.

Tango with Lions, an indie band from Athens, Greece, has signed with Inner Ear Records and has been producing music like crazy lately. In the past two days, TWL has posted two new songs (Slippery Roads and A Long Walk) to their Facebook page. Both of these songs can be found on Tango with Lions’s upcoming album titled A Long Walk, set to be released on April 22nd. The band also came out with a music video for the song: A Long Walk today, which you can check out here.

Check out Tango with Lions for a brand new Big Fat Greek Indie Band to listen to, but be weary — following them may be difficult at times, because many of their posts are written in Greek. So find yourself a translator, stream Tango with Lions’s excellent music, and Get Your Earz Wet!

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