Stream: The House of Love – Eye Dream

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Need a new slow jam to chill out to after a long day on the grind? Check out Eye Dream, the new song released off of The House of Love‘s newest studio album: She Paints Words in Red, set to be released on April 1st. With a laid-back, dream-like psychedelic guitar riff and a low-key beat, Eye Dream is a song perfect for kicking back and relaxing or meditating. The mellow vocals of Guy Chadwick will literally lull you to sleep if you let them. Not to mention that every other word in this song is “Dream”… This song is a one-way ticket to snoozeville (but in a good way).

The House of Love originally came together way back in 1986, and quickly developed into one of the most popular indie bands in the UK by 1988. However, things turned sour for the band when guitarist Terry Bickers left the band due to disputes with Chadwick over the commercialization of The House of Love in 1989. Four years later the band shut down completely when drummer Pete Evans announced his retirement.

But fear not! The House of Love reunited in 2003 with the reconciliation of Chadwick and Bickers and the convincing of Evans to return from retirement. The House of Love is back!

Since returning, The House of Love has recruited new bassist Matt Jury and picked up where they left off. After touring the UK in 2005 and releasing their comeback album: Days Run Away, The House of Love now prepares to release their sixth studio album: She Paints Words in Red with Cherry Red Records on April 1st, 27 years after the band first formed.

So find a way to relax while streaming this brand new tune by The House of Love to enjoy it to its fullest. Me? “I just dream.” Get Your Earz Wet!

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